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Clicked on this one first, didn't ya? :) There are as many definitions of love as there are people in the world. Play or be played seems oddly fitting for this category, so don't hate the other player - ace the game!


The first, and to some, the hardest achievement here is to first accept yourself. Flaws, tantrums, quirks and all. If you master this, then the game is that much easier to play. However, there is a fine balance here, and for some, the ego takes this a little too far. So practice daily and in moderation!

One and Only

They say that the ultimate expression of love is self-sacrifice. No...  not like Romeo and Juliet! More like putting their needs above your own. Oh, and foot massages too apparently.

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Loving your parents should come by default (except maybe when puberty strikes). Loving yourself is a learned skill, but loving people you don't intimately know - takes some serious practice and dedication. If you've achieved this level, then you deserve a medal!


Not quite the motion in the ocean type stuff... has to do more with truly loving other creatures and beings that we share this beautiful planet with. Mr. Fluffles is a wonderful start, don't get me wrong, but... how about the ones on our plates? Being better stewards and taking responsibility for our actions is what this is all about.


Okay, so the neighbor thing was hard enough! But what about your enemies? Beings that genuinely hate you and perhaps want to end your self-loving, meditating, happy existence? Hate comes from fear, and fear comes from an absence of trust. Fighting hate with more hate will leave the whole world blind. Love is your only true weapon to build this trust.

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