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It's all a game!

True Story

Why a Skill Tree?

About Me

It's just like a game! Or are games just like real life? Took me a while to realize this, but with this realization came an epiphany. If this is a game - then there are rules, ways to break the rules, goals, characters, adventures to be had, and most importantly riddles and puzzles to solve in order to level up.

So many story lines to chose from! Which character should I become? How do I level up faster? Are there cheat codes or shortcuts to this thing? Why play at all? All great quesitons to ask and attempt to find answers to. However, the only question that really matter is - do you want to play, or not?

Hopefully, you chose to take an active approach and really take life by the cahones! The beautiful thing is - we can build on the experiences of some really epic players in order to find answers to some of the most asked questions.


The trouble for me is, that I'm a visual thinker. If I don't jot ideas down on paper, then they just kind of float in my head without a clear place or structure.


In 2016, after doing some research I couldn't really find anything like this out there, so I decided to scratch my own itch and created a flow chart like Skill Tree, Achievement Map, and Life Bar to put things in perspective for myself. If you're like me, then I hope you'll enjoy this ten thousand league view of it all.

Just keep in mind that this is a Beta version and it will change, grow, and hopefully make more sense as the years go by. Feel free to copy it and adapt the ideas to your own version,  or reach out if you'd like to contribute.

My hope is that this about me section will one day turn into an 'About Us' section. But for now, this is my brainchild. Who am I? The name is Justinas and I come from a strong line of Lithuanians who love pink beet soup (google it! It's awesome). Many describe me as a Jack of All Trades, my father thought I would make a good priest, but I decided to pick up a degree in business management instead. A few businesses and continents later, I dare to think that I have something of value to teach to my fellow players of this beautiful game. :)


Į sveikatą!

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