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It’s clear from the research on self-awareness that it is an important factor in how we think, feel, act, and react to our thoughts, feelings, and actions.


You know that thought pattern when you think you could have done something different in a particular past situation? Congratulations! You're reflecting on your actions in the past. Analyzing your past behavior is the first step.

Don't react, but act!

Reflecting on the past and not doing anything to change the present, or future is a bit like automanipulation. You must take action in order to self-correct and see tangible change. You will most likely notice that a lot of your behavior falls into a recognizable pattern or habits. 

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Poker Face

Self-awareness in the present moment is a tough skill to master and is probably the crowning jewel of this skillset. Try meditation as one of the tools to help you achieve this.

There's something beautiful to be said about the state when you are fully present and fully aware. You're not blindly reacting and you're not getting your buttons pressed, but rather YOU are the one in control.

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